Saturday, August 30, 2008

Elsie Update: A Closer View at 40 Days

As of today, Elsie is at Day #40 if we count from her second tie with Ridge (that means she's most likely 40 days into her pregnancy).

Normal gestation for dogs is 60-63 days. Elsie delivered on Day 60 last time (as I recall; it might have be 61).

We have her appointment for x-rays to count the pups on the evening of September 9 (which will be Day 50). That's a week from this coming Tuesday.

But, man 'o man, look how big she is already:

Unless there's a problem, there really won't be much else for me to post about Elsie's pregnancy until her x-ray (other than her growing size), so assume for now, that "no news is good news" (I mean, how many angles of a pregnant canine belly can be photographed!). :o)

She's doing fine, and is as gentle and affectionate as ever.

I'll let you know when we can feel the first kicks or see the first moving bulges on her belly! It's still a little early for that. :o)

But I'll post as soon as it happens! ;o)

'Til next time,

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