Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

In honor of all those hard workers and laborers who've paved the way for us, and for those who continue to serve us with their labors, I thought I'd post a few pictures of just how hard little Tuc is working to make us so very proud of him.

Just a little context: ferns are my absolute favorite green plant, and I have two potted on my deck to give me a regular reminder-of-the-forest fix (I'm a woodsy, outdoors gal, and suburban life gets to me sometimes -- I need regular nature fixes to stay sane).

With that background in mind, just look at Tuc's eagerness to please:

It seems to me I wrote something earlier this week about giggling through our little ones' antics.

Believe me, I've been laughing all week!

Keep smiling.

'til next time,


theresa said...

What a hard little worker he is! He is getting to be so handsome, Champ is now at 28 pounds! Looks like Tuc is about the same! Happy Monday to you and the bunch!

Thoughts said...

Well her is certainly putting the labor in Labor Day isn't he..?! Chuckle, chuckle. He is SUCH a little cutie pie. I wish I could cuddle him!

Joan said...

Hey Theresa,

Yup, the Tucmeister is outdoing himself lately. ;o) My oh my oh my.

I suspect you have your hands full out there in AZ, but I hope all is well. Tuc's a sweetie pie (as I imagine Champ is).

I'll be in touch soon!


Joan said...

Hey there, Thoughts!

Always good to hear from you. Hehe, yup our little Tuc is making a name for himself here, the little imperdoodles! ;o)

Feel free to cuddle him from afar. He's a cuddler to be sure! :o)

We'll give him a nuzzle from you here!