Sunday, September 07, 2008

Cycles -- We WILL Come Full Circle!

In case you're wondering (based on the title), today's entry is not about two-wheeled vehicles, estrus cycles, labor and delivery cycles, or anything even remotely mechanical, biological, scientific or distinctly canine.

As I've been watching Elsie develop these last weeks, I've been thinking about the cycles we humans walk through. It seems that no season of life really lasts; we're constantly in flux, our situational cycles ever changing.

And that's a good thing. Because if that's true (and it is), we can rest assured that if things are crummy now, they will eventually become good again.

It's just the way of it.

Thinking about this past year (Regular Reader knows we've experienced some big, ugly things since last October, like my BIL dumping my twin sister out of the blue after 28 years together and 24 years of stable-if-not-happy marriage, as well as some huge, wonderful things, like DD's wedding and marriage, DSs college transitions, and adding Pinot and Tuc to our gang), I'm beginning to see patterns to these things.

Think about it.

We start with normalcy (whatever the norm is to begin with). Then comes The Thing (an announcement, event, diagnosis, conversation, addition, loss, etc.) -- whatever it is that rattles or changes our worlds.

If The Thing is "bad" (as in my BIL announcing he no longer loved my DS and didn't want to work on the marriage), we wade through a parade of emotions: shock, disbelief, confusion, discomfort, sometimes guilt or second-guessing, pain, fear, anger, grief, concern, acceptance (of the new norm), strategizing, relief, freedom (from a bunch of the earlier stuff), and finally joy (or a quiet sense that it is well with our souls despite The Thing).

If The Thing is "good" (as in DD's marriage), we experience a slightly different parade: excitement or delight at first, then discomfort (when reality hits), pain (over the change), acceptance of the new norm, relief, freedom, and then finally, once again, joy.

But in both cases, we come full circle; we return to steady life and joy.

As I've watched this latest canine pregnancy develop, it's almost as if Elsie's pregnancy provides a mini-version my world. She offers a window into my life's cycles as I walk through change.

Here she is in her full-fledged discomfort (as of yesterday):

Bless her heart.

And here she is with DH, just for a size comparison. :o)

She's still growing! ;o)

Dear Sweet Elsie Girl is well past that initial hormonal surge of energy and is now well into her discomfort phase. Yes, she still has even more discomfort and some downright pain to go through, but she will eventually arrive at acceptance of the new (good) norm, followed by relief, freedom, and joy.

And, as it goes, so will we. DSS and I (and our families) will eventually arrive at a new norm where our hearts can rest. Life won't always be this painful and confusing; it will be good again.

All that is to say, "Hang on Elsie (and DSS)! You may be uncomfortable now, and you will have more pain to walk through still, but you will eventually find relief and joy. Hang in there. Your relief is just around the bend."

No sense quitting five minutes before our miracle, eh?

'Til next time,


kate Flynn said...

Hi Joan,

that makes perfect sence to me, I'm sorry to hear your DS is going through such a horrible time, at least she has you in her life to keep her sane.

Terrific news about Elsie, she's looking "swell" when is she due?

If I recall we were waiting to get Jed, our now almost 12 month old black boy, the last time Elsie had pups, well this time as co-incidence would have it, we are waiting for our first little chocolate girl, she was born on Sept 3rd.

Since we last spoke we lost our old chocolate boy Jonah, so like you say, these sad times come to test us, but there is almost always a happy event awaiting just around the corner.

Sorry i've been away so long, I do check in from time to time, but life is always so hectic, I really will try and keep up with your forth coming happy event.

Love to you all, Kate~England

Susie said...

Beautiful and encouraging words Joan!
Thanks for sharing your gift of wisdom and writing with all of us!
Elsie looks like she is filled to the gills with pups! If you are able to post the x-ray PLEASE do! I cannot wait to hear how many precious little labs will be entering the world :)

blessings to all of you
susie- mom of the not pregnant Brennie :)

Thoughts said...

I will be sure to keep this sweet girl in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully she will get past the pain and discomfort part sooner rather than later... :)

kayceebeebee said...

Great post Joan!