Sunday, September 21, 2008


Here they are (in order of birth and with current weight at 2 days old):

Miss Pink (18.7 oz/532 g):

Mr. Blue (20.7 oz/588 g):

Mr. Green (17.1 oz/484 g):

Mr. Red (17.2 oz/486 g):

Mr. Yellow (17.6 oz/500 g):

Mr. Black (13.9 oz/395 g):

Miss Sky (17.0 oz/478 g):

Mr. Lime (17.1 oz/490 g):

Mr. White (16.6 oz/472 g):

As neonates, their eyes and ears are sealed, so they root by scent and touch. When they squiggle in their attempts to "crawl" to Elsie, they look a little like pudgy lizards, bobbing their heads back and forth, pulling themselves along primarily by their front legs. At this point their front legs, neck, and shoulders are quite a bit more developed than their rear legs and hips (by design so they can push and hold their heads up to nurse).

Yes, those little white things you see at the tips of their toes are their toenails. We'll clip them for the first time later next week, when they're more like a week old. For now, they need them for traction.

They have they're 3-day-old check-up with the vet tomorrow morning at which time they'll be examined and have their dew claws removed. Dr. Wagner will also check Elsie over well to make sure she's doing okay.

For now, all is looking good. Mr. Green lost weight the first day (half an ounce), but he more than made up for it over night (gained 3 ounces). Mr. Black (our runt) gained nicely the first day, but lost a little overnight (just 0.2 ounce). So like we did with Mr. Green when he lost a little, we'll just make sure we keep putting Mr. Black on a teat every time we walk by (that sure worked for Mr. Green!).

We'll weigh them twice a day (am and pm) for the first week. Then, as long as things go well, we will cut back to once a day, then once every other day, then twice a week, then weekly. It's amazing how quickly these guys grow and develop.

So, for now, we're enjoying their sweet little happy grunts and squeals. And we're enjoying how (relatively) easy it is while Elsie cleans up after them. She'll do that for three weeks, and then we'll introduce solid foods, after which she won't touch their poo or pee. Then our work really begins. :o)

That's it for now!

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Monica said...

Thanks for the introductions, Joan! They're absolutely beautiful! Can't wait to watch them grow!

Geegs said...

They are adorable.. thanks for all the updates.. looking forward to watching them grow up on here!

Katherine Klegin said...

So Precious!!! Congrats Mama Els! Y'all must be having so much fun :)

Thoughts said...

CONGRATULATIONS elsie!!! We are so happy that all the pups are healthy! Thanks for sharing with us and we will be thinking about you all!

The ThoughtsFurPaws family