Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still Waiting!

Well, we're still waiting. :o)

Yesterday morning, Elsie's temperature dropped to 98.6 (F), she didn't eat breakfast or lunch, she started nesting yesterday afternoon, and her milk came in.

So we watched and waited (she's staying very close, is very restless, and is VERY touch needy).

Last night her temp rose to 99.4, and then she decided she wanted dinner.


No puppies yet.

I slept on the couch with her last night anyway, just in case (well, if you want to call it sleeping when it's on a four-foot love seat with Elsie pawing my arm or thigh every time my hand wasn't touching her anymore).

Then Dear Hubby Don came down at 6:00 a.m. to check on us, and then stayed home long enough this morning for me to get a shower and then so he could deal with the cable guy (who arrived at 7:15 a.m.). That way I could hang out with the Elsie Girl while a stranger was in another part of the house (we can't allow the cable guy in the kennel or near the whelping area in the kitchen, but Elsie can still hear him, and we don't want her stressed). Then Don had to leave for a meeting and a non-negotiable presentation at work.

We're on our own at least until after lunch now. :o/

Elsie's temperature is back down to 98.5. She nested a little last night, but has not yet started the frenetic nesting of her last whelping. But she does have a clear vaginal discharge this morning (no sign of water breaking yet though).

Oh, and I suspect she'll hang on now until at least after lunch since she decided she wanted to eat breakfast.

She's also consuming ice cubes like they're going out of style.

So, anyway, here's the girl this morning getting her Daddy Don fix.

Now we wait.

Ideal timing for us human-types would be if she dropped the litter later today and this evening. DH has a mandatory all-day-meeting at work tomorrow, so he wouldn't be able to come home to help if Elsie's puppies wait until then to make their appearance.

Elsie has to whelp soon. She is SO uncomfortable now: straining to stand up (back legs shaking with the effort), struggling to sit down, occasionally whimpering with her breathing. But she's not having any contractions yet.

So we watch and wait. The pups are still rolling and kicking along Elsie's flanks, and her heart rate is fine, so we suspect everything is as it should be. We're just waiting.

Don't you all worry now. I will give you a very quick heads-up when her labor actually starts. It may only be a word or two, and no photos or film to start, but I WILL let you know.

Assume, if you don't hear anything, that I'm napping when Elsie naps. ;o) We humans need to reserve our energies, too.


Stay tuned,


Geegs said...

Thanks for the update!! Hope you are getting lots of rest while Elsie is napping! Here's hoping for a smooth delivery this afternoon or tonight!

JuliaR said...

Picking up on an earlier theme, does she go "beep beep beep" when she backs up? :) I once wondered about breeding dogs but I think it is too stressful for the humans! I hope you do get lots of naps in - good for you for sleeping when she sleeps. I have my fingers crossed for all of y'all.