Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pinot Wants to be A Mom :o)

Dear Sweet Sarah Girl (as in Dear Sweet Daughter or DSD), our recently married girl-child who drove all the way from Maine to help with the puppies and to keep me from losing my mind, was holding Mr. Blue and handling him for a few seconds as we do all the pups as part of their early socialization.

He, of course, vocalized a bit in protest.

Dear Sweet Elsie Girl (or Momma Elsie) watched carefully, but seemed unconcerned (that's the back of Elsie's head in the front center of the picture). She trusts Sarah and us when it comes to her little ones.

The Pinot Squirt, however, couldn't stand it. She so wanted to come in and be a part of things that she jumped up on the gate, nearly knocking it over, in an attempt to get a good whiff or Mr. Blue in DSD's arms (or maybe to see what all his fuss was about). Take a look:


Pinot and Kenya seem to have very strong mothering instincts, which bodes well for our future litters.

But it makes it a little crazy here now.

Thankfully DH and I were right here to rescue DSD . :o)

And Elsie didn't seem to mind any of it one bit. Talk about a low-key mom!

'Til next time,

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