Thursday, September 18, 2008

9:30 P.M.: Still in Stage 1

We're still just hanging out. Talked the vet shortly after 9 p.m. (he's on call for us all night); he's not concerned (nor are we). Elsie seems just fine (other than being uncomfortable). Her heart rate is fine, she's still putting away the ice cubes. She's still interested in what the gang is doing (you should have seen her when Don took the other canine kids outside this evening to romp -- oh my, was she jealous!)

And Elsie is still not actively contracting or bearing down yet, nor have we seen any evidence of waters breaking or puppies (other than their obvious kicks and rolls -- a good sign that they're still active).

We are only at at Day 61 ("normal" gestation is 63 days), and that's counting from insemination (not actual conception, which we can't know for sure). She's just taking a while getting started this time.

So we're watching and waiting (and occasionally cringing with her in her discomfort). And we're hanging with her 24/7 (have been for two days now).

I suspect when things finally get rolling, they'll go pretty quickly.

You watch: she's going to start dropping pups at 2 a.m. ;o) Don just went up to bed and will try to get four or five hours sleep, then I'm supposed to wake him (by 2:30 or so) for his turn standing watch so I can go up and get some sleep.

Just wait; she'll decide to pop those babies out just when it's time for my turn to sleep! ;o)

Right now she's stretched out on the kitchen floor, panting and resting. I think I'll try to grab a little rest with her now, too.

I'll post again in a couple hours (or when she starts contractions). Keep thinking about us out there! It may be a very long night.

Stay tuned,


"Sunshine" said...

Lots of love coming your way form all of us here!!

Even my husband asks about Wlsoe girl when I'm at the computer.


"Sunshine" said...

LOL, And you thought you were tired. That should have read "Elsie girl"

Jamie said...

I can't stop checking for exciting. Catch some zzzzzzz's

Theresa said...

Sleep all you can now - you are tuned in enough to hear her and you need the rest! Hugs and all our best wishes winging our way from Arizona!