Thursday, September 18, 2008

Evening Check-In: STILL Waiting

No serious contractions or puppies yet. Elsie has been panting and pacing for over 18 hours now.

Here's a quick look (video clip) at what we've been doing all day (video is from 6:30 p.m. this evening):

Here's a still shot of Elsie about 2:00 this afternoon (14 hours into Stage 1) during one of her "still" moments. She was still panting heavily while she rested.

Dear Twin Sister (DTS) came over to hang with us from lunchtime until just now when DH returned home from his long day at work. She's scooting home for a few hours, but if we need her later, she'll return.

So what we really need now is for Elsie's contractions to kick in. She's been in active Stage 1 (kind of a pre-labor -- like in women while the cervix dilates the first few cms.) since about midnight last night. Again, Stage 1 can last one to 24 hours (give or take). Once her contractions start, and she starts "pushing" (as in hard labor), we should see pups within an hour, no more than two. If she goes two hours pushing with no sign of a pup (or water breaking), we call the vet (it might indicate a problem).

Last time (forgive me if this is a repeat -- I'm sleep deprived!) she was in Stage 1 for 12 hours, then had two hours of contractions until the first pup appeared, and then delivered her last pup about 13 hours after that.

So, we've got a LONG night ahead of us.

See...told ya Labs didn't like to whelp during the day! Geeesh.

At least Daddy Don gets to be part of things now, and DTS if she wants to be later. :o)

I just thought I'd update you. Here's Elsie right now catching her breath in the whelping box (still panting, but at least she's resting).

She's been eating ice cubes by the ton, but has no interest in food. I gave her some glucose solution earlier (watered down Reli-On Glucose Drink) just to keep her blood sugars up. I have Pedialyte here if she becomes dehydrated, but so far things look good (just long).

Oh, and yes, we've been outside several times "walking" to help things move along. So much for that idea. ;o)

I've talked to the vet's office twice now, and the vet on-call (not our usual vet) will check in when he gets off his shift at the office tonight. It's just wise to give them a heads-up.

I really think we'll be seeing pups in the middle of the night tonight. God-willing, all will go well and uneventfully (usually the case with Labs). I really hope the pups are all fine and start well.

Stay tuned. I really WILL let you know when contractions start in earnest. And hopefully by tomorrow we'll know how many little ones Elsie is carrying.

'Til then,
Joan (who's starting to drag a bit after two nights in a row now of three hours of sleep or less -- time to brew more coffee!). ;o)

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Monica said...

Poor sweet Elsie. She looks so uncomfortable. I just wanted to post and say I've been following your blog for quite a while, even before Elsie's pregnancy. I'm a huge dog lover and yours is one of my favorites. Bless your heart for being there for Elsie and being such a wonderful "mom." I don't know if I could do what you're doing...I'd be a nervous wreck! My thoughts are with you all right now, and I'll be tuning in later this evening to see if there has been any progress. Hopefully now that your husband is home from work, you'll be able to get a little rest before Elsie's contractions start. Here's hoping for a bundle of wiggly puppies soon!