Friday, September 05, 2008

Heat Relief: "Kool Dogz"

It's been really hot this week: 90s (F) and humid. Okay, so it's not that hot for you south-westerners or you folks in tropical climates, but for September in Pennsylvania, it's really uncomfortable.

The canine crew (especially Elsie) hasn't liked it one bit.

So, to cool them off and give them a treat, I broke out the "Kool Dogz."

Basically it's just a big ice cube filled with treats, but the Kool Dogz kit provides an easy way to not only make the treat, but to serve it sanely. :o) It's also a great way to use up those broken bits and crumbs we always find in the bottoms of our food bags and treat boxes. :o)

Here's what the kit provides:

You fill the bucket with treats, toys, and water (in whatever proportions you like), put the metal bone anchor in, place the lid on, then freeze it all together. Once frozen, pop the ice block out of the plastic bucket and attach it to the base, then set it outside wherever you like (we've used ours in the ground and between the slats on the deck).

Our gang can't resist (first two pics below are from earlier this summer; the rest were taken yesterday)! :o)

What was really funny yesterday was to watch how the dogs followed the ice block as it started to turn on the tray (their tongues kept pushing it around). The canine crew (in the following series, it's Elsie, Pinot, and Tuc) looked like a pinwheel twirling in the wind as they circled the block licking away:

In any case, they enjoyed it, and it helped us pass another uncomfortably hot September day.

Now we get to ride out what's left of Hannah (that's okay -- tropical storm/hurricane remnants are never too bad in PA). We'll get high winds, a few trees down, power outages, lots of rain, and some localized flooding, but it's never anything like the folks who live along the coasts have to deal with.

Pennsylvania is like that; we get it all, but it's never severe.

So what's a few hot days in September?

'Til next time,


Anonymous said...

Hi Joan!

I'm new to your blog, having only stumbled across it yesterday. I'm in the process of devouring your archives, and am excited to read that Elsie's pregant again :o)

My husband and I have a yellow lab, 15 months old, called Laura, and we're planning to show and breed her.

Thanks for providing such an awesome blog, chock full of insights and wisdom and helpful information :)

Looking forward to becoming a regular,

Amy, from Australia :)

Thoughts said...

What a neat idea! I gotta get one of those things for my boys!