Wednesday, September 17, 2008

7:15 a.m. -- Still Getting There

Elsie starting nesting just after midnight, and but grew more intense about it at about 1:30 a.m., and continued that for quite a while (I caught her on video at around 2 a.m.). Then, at about 2:30 a.m., she wouldn't leave the whelping box.

So I climbed in with her and patted her head and such, and then saw a contraction or two (her whole belly gets firm and she holds her breath with it). After the second (or maybe third) in about five minutes, I decided two wake Don.

Poor Elsie was clearly very uncomfortable. I figured we'd be looking at the first puppies by 4 or 5 a.m.

So Don gets up (bless his heart, after about only 3 hours sleep, and he has a long work day today), comes down, and we we watch her sit and pant and do another contraction or two and dig some more. And then at 4 a.m. she just bounced back -- happy girl, like nothing is going on.

She stopped whatever it was she was doing (not unusual for canines or humans!): no more contractions.

Dear Sweet Hubby, instead of going back to bed for more much-needed sleep himself, let me go stretch out on the FULL sofa in the family room (ahhhhhhh.... I could really stretch out!). And I got to sleep for nearly three whole hours!!!! DH stayed with Elsie, and she hasn't progressed any further since.

Now, she's staying very close to the whelping box and is clearly uncomfortable again. So puppies will certainly be today sometime. (Last year, she didn't stay in the whelping box or even stay near it until it was time.)

I guess that means I've got to recruit my Dear Firstborn Son, who is completely grossed out by all this, to take notes while I catch pups for Elsie.

So we wait some more.

Just like people-labor.

The pups will arrive when they arrive.

NOW, if Elsie starts REALLY straining, and does so for an hour and we see no pups, THEN it's a problem and we call the vet.

But she's not really straining yet. What I saw last night were early contractions, probably just moving the pups into position for birthing.

There she goes again; digging like crazy in the corner of the whelping box.

Me thinketh todayeth is puppy-dayeth. :o)

I'll check in again in a little while.

Keep sending those great thoughts and prayers our way.

'Til next time,


Susie said...

Definitely sending thoughts and prayers your way..... can't wait for your next post!

Anonymous said...

Oh! So exciting! I hope everything goes well for you all :)

JuliaR said...

If you feel something hit the side of your head and go "bing!" but there's nothing there, that's my well wishes being beamed out to you!

I am not grossed out by anything like this and I wish I could be there to help you catch puppies!

Geegs said...

How exciting!! I've never been around to witness the birth of puppies... My thoughts and prayers are with you and Elsie today.. Ohhhh and thank you for all of the updates..

Meg said...

so exciting, fingers crossed over here for a safe delivery. (and cute pups)

josilynexo said...

I can't wait to see the puppies! I enjoyed reading all of your posts a few weeks ago from Elsie's last litter, and I'm excited to see the new litter grow! Good luck with the delivery! I hope everything goes well for Elsie and her puppies!! :]