Saturday, September 20, 2008

Some Pictures from the Last 24 Hours

Hey all,

Thanks so much for all your comments and congratulatory words. It's wonderful to know you're there for us no matter how far away we may live from one another. :o)

Just for fun, instead of writing, I've uploaded a few pictures from the last 24 hours (I'll upload videos tomorrow). Enjoy!

The new gang:

Momma Elsie with her new gang:

Momma Elsie stimulating Mr. Lime to pee and poo:

Momma Elsie needs to eat, too!:

Pinot's reaction to Elsie's litter (she stands by the gate and whines - and she won't leave!):

Elsie getting lovin' from Aunt Jeanie during Stage 2 labor:

It's hard to believe Lab pups are ever this small and helpless:

Momma Elsie looks pretty good for just 24 hours after delivery! :

Now I'm off to bed. I've been up since 3 a.m., and will take the early morning shift again in a few hours (Don will stay up late for the late night shift tonight). We're still watching the pups very carefully and doing puppy head-counts every few minutes just to be sure no one ends up smothered beneath Elsie. :o) So far, so good (we've rescued a few). And Elsie is being VERY careful this time.

By the way, Elsie snores like a freight train when she nurses (the only time she snores like this). I mention it only because she's snoring as I write this. :o)

I'll check in again tomorrow, and will upload some videos then, too. Thanks again for your well-wishes and comments. I haven't had time to reply to you all individually but I did want you to know that we (both Don and I) appreciate your words. Your encouragement means more than you know!

'Til next time,


Anonymous said...

And thank you for keeping us updated! I think I've been holding my breath all day, wondering how everyone is doing. Continued good rest, eating, etc to all -- humans and labs alike.

Meg said...

what great pictures! Green pup is too cute, look at that teeny-tiny muzzle!

Cheryl said...

I just LOVE that picture of Elsie and her pups. I LOVE that proud Mama smile! Thanks for letting us share this with you all.