Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2:00 A.M. - She's Nesting

Elsie is definitely moving into Stage One. :o)

She's very, very restless. She want's to go outside every two minutes. She's panting like crazy. And...(drum roll please), she's finally tearing it up in the whelping box. She's in full-fledged nesting mode. :o)

Here's a quick clip of her digging (creating a nest, called "nesting") in the whelping box. Yes, the clock chime you hear in the background is chiming 2 a.m. It seems Labs prefer whelping in the middle of the night (or at least ours do!).

She's resting again now. Panting like crazy, but resting on her side on the kitchen floor.

Now I just have to decide when to waken Daddy Don. I think I'll wait until I actually see some contractions (haven't seen them yet).

In the meantime. We're still here, just hanging out.

I wonder how much of our lives we spend waiting. ;o)

I'll check in again soon.

'Til next time,

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