Friday, August 08, 2008

So What Do We Think?

Elsie and Ridge mated on 7/19 (my birthday ;o) ) and 7/21 (both planned and both successful ties). That means we're roughly three weeks into Elsie's pregnancy, if she is indeed pregnant.

We suspect she is (hehe): she's more people needy; her nipples seem to be enlarging; she's growing wider; and she's sleeping TONS. :o)

I may, of course, be bias.

So, in the interest of objectivity, the following are pictures of Elsie taken this morning. What do you all think? Does she look like she's widening a bit to you?

Me think-eth we may have-eth puppies-eth coming.

But I'll defer to your bias-less, dispassionate, completely neutral objectivity. :o)

'Til next time,


Cheryl said...

She certainly looks like she's widening a little. Keep us posted!!

Bentley said...

yup I agree, she does look a bit wider. Here she goes again and just after getting her girlie figure back.
How exciting!

Love the picture of the five all together!

kayceebeebee said...

Looks like it....I love that last picture of her sitting so pretty!

Meg said...

yep, she looks like a future momma to me.

Rachel said...

How exciting! When will you know for sure?

Jamie said...

Looks like her nipples are getting larger. I'd say yes! Congrats!

Susan said...

She is looking preggers to me!
How exciting for you and I hope that you plan to document each step of the pregnancy on your Blog!!!
We find out about Brennie via x ray this week!
I will keep you posted. Please keep Your updates coming :)

Joan said...

Cheryl, Bentley, KCBB, Meg, Rachel, Jamie, Susan -- yeah... I think she 's got 'lil puppies in there. :o)

So how will we know for sure?

Easy answer: Time!

When will we know for sure?

We won't have her x-rayed until day 48 of her pregnancy (counting from her mating). That's when the pups' spines have calcified enough to be seen on an x-ray. So we'll do that in a couple weeks.

Some people have someone palpate the dog between days 21-28, but that's more difficult and should only be done by someone really experienced, otherwise the pups can be hurt.

Others do an ultrasound at day 28 or later (four weeks after mating) to view the pups, and that's very reliable and safe.

We know several folks who opt for the ultrasound.

Us? Well, we can tell by how Elsie looks and behaves (she's definitely pregnant as far as we're concerned now), but we'll wait another few weeks to get a puppy count via x-ray. AND that's primarily so we know what to look for at delivery.

But we're assuming she's pregnant and treating her as such.

Here's what we're basing our assumption on:

1. We planned and witnessed to successful ties (matings that lasted 10-15 minutes) between her and Ridge during Elsie's "prime" time (days 11 & 13 in the estrus cycle, not to mention she was eager and readily stood for him);

2. About two weeks after mating, Elsie REALLY mellowed, grew REALLY people needy, and started sleeping tons;

3. Three weeks after mating, she started to widen and her nipples started to get slightly bigger.

With dogs, unless you spring for the ultrasound, it's really a wait-and-see. :o)

Ahhhh... these exercises in patience!

We'll keep you posted.

Susan said...

Joan - will you x ray Elsie on day 48 from the first sucessful tie or on day 48 from the second? Just wondering....

Joan said...


To be safe, we'll wait until 48 days from the second tie. That way we're sure.



Meesh said...

Congrats-it looks like your going to be grandparents again and from the way she's carrying it looks like it's gonna be a 4 girls and 5 boys (just kidding). Now can you please convince my hubby that Chester NEEDS a 4 legged friend and you just happen to know where he will be able to find a little friend soon?? Thanks! Chester's mom

Jaime said...

Where do all the puppies go once you get them? How often do you mate them?