Friday, August 22, 2008

Cottage Weekend

Just to give you all a heads-up:

DH and I are sneaking away to the cottage this weekend. Between the wedding and our kids' moves and our job responsibilities and my trip to Maine last week, we feel like we haven't seen each other or relaxed with each other in forever. So we're heading north for some much needed time away.

And we'll be taking Kenya, Pinot, and Tuc with us. :o)

That means they get to SWIM in the lake (water retrieve!). Pinot and Tuc have never been to the cottage, but Kenya loves it.

These shots are from last summer. Kenya is our jumper! Take a look:

Here's Kenya with Elsie and Ridge (again, last summer):

We will NOT be taking Elsie or Ridge with us (won't they be depressed!): Elsie, because she's pregnant and she would tend to over-exert in the water (we don't want to risk her health or the pups' well-being) and Ridge because he can provide calm company for Elsie. They're both very easy to care for (low maintenance), so our DSs (Dan, 24, and Jon, 20) won't be too hassled by watching them for us.

So, DH and I, Pinot, Kenya, and Tuc will leave for the cottage later today, and we'll be back on Monday. I won't post again until them, but we'll have lots of cottage-play (lake fun) pictures to post when we get back.

I can't wait to see how Pinot and Tucker (our pool diggers) respond to a lake that's a mile around and 90-feet deep ! Hehe... they'll never be able to dig all the water out of that pool!

You all have a great weekend, and we'll be back early next week!!! :o)

Until then,


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