Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pinot's Idea of Sharing

Pinot: Oh look, Mom! The pool has water in it! Oh boy!

Pinot: Oh nooooo...it's that little Tucmeister Squirt! What's he doin' in MY pool?

Tuc: It's okay, Pinot. We can share. Honest. I'll be nice.

Tuc: Come on in and play, Pinot! Please!

Tuc: See, doesn't that feel good? And I'm even staying out of your way!

Tuc: Whoa....wait a minute... I thought we were gonna share!

Pinot: Hehehehehe...YOU said "share." Not me, Bucko...it's all mine! Now outta my way! I got work to do if I'm gonna dig all this water out of the pool!

Tuc: Harrumph. Now what am I supposed to do?

Tuc: I'll just get back in when she's gone! :o)

There's nothing quite like puppy resiliency, eh?

'Til next time,
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Bentley said...

As much as we ga ga over Tuc when we're there...because he's so darn cute to watch with his bud Don, Pinot is just gorgeous. She has such a beautiful face! What a great shot of her in the first pix, too cute!

Joan said...

It's Bentley Boos! :o) Yup, Tuc sure is a cutey, but I have to admit Pinot is growing into a beautiful young lady. She's not quite a year old yet, so she still has that gangly youth appearance, but she's finally growing into her ears and nose. She's a pretty girl, and darkening into a gorgeous red (more like her dad). :o) I can't wait to see what she looks like a year from now when she's full grown. :o)

Thoughts said...

So cute! I LOVE how they play in the water. And how Pinot always wants all the water out of the pool! Hilarious!