Thursday, August 14, 2008

In Sync: Young and Old

In yesterday's post ("Wordless Wednesday," a new thing I'm trying on Wednesdays -- essentially a story in pictures... we'll see how it goes...but DO let me know what you think)...

...anyway, as I was saying, in yesterday's post, Tuc successfully "took" the rope from Kenya, and was prancing back to the deck to show off his accomplishment when she caught him by surprise, victoriously snagging the rope back from him.

His momentary "win," though short-lived, gave him confidence.

And Kenya, sweet girl that she is, allowed him that.

This give and take (or impishly stealing things from each other) is part of their normal play, just as is their "who's on top?" game:

Kenya instinctively instructs and challenges the little ones (she was that way with Pinot, too) -- it seems to be a kind of canine socialization where the older dogs "know" the younger ones are just that (younger and inexperienced), so they patiently put up with puppy impishness, allowing the pups the opportunity to succeed, while also knowing when to sit on them (literally - hehe).

This allowing-them-to-win builds confidence and competence in both the older and the younger dog. They don't seem threatened by it at all.

And sometimes, they even work with, instead of against, each other.

Just look at them strut when they're in sync:

We humans could learn something here. Instead of competing among ourselves (or dismissing the young and discarding the old), we could learn to value both the optimistic energy and enthusiasm of youth AND the seasoned wisdom and stability of older age.

Both are valid, priceless, and needed. And they're far better paired together than standing alone.

When I watch Kenya with Tuc it warms my heart to see maturity and youth working so well together. I just wish our culture would learn to do the same.

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Rachel said...

That last picture is awesome!

Bentley said...

Ditto rachel!!

Susie said...

I Love Wordless Wednesdays!
What cute and beautiful dogs!!!
Can't wait to hear more about Miss Elsie!!!


theresa said...

A wonderful wordless Wednesday! I loved it - and the sentiment was beautiful both days!

L^2 said...

I do Wordless Wednesdays too, but yours is more fun than mine are usually.
I love the last picture in this post too! :-)

Thoughts said...

You make a very good point here. Great last picture too :-0