Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Do They Miss Snickers the Cat?

Snickers turned 12 years old when he moved with DD and her hubby to Maine two weeks ago. He was a roam-the-entire-house cat until we brought Ridge home four years ago. Then he pretty much hung out in the basement.

What's really funny is that every time we open the cellar door now, the canine crew mobs the top of the stairs. I think they miss good 'ol Snicks (or at least they're looking for him).

What do you think?

Here's the view from the bottom of the cellar stairs (DH took these two shots from the cellar).

Notice even puppy Tuc wiggles in on the action (on left underneath Kenya in first photo; between Elsie and Pinot in second).

Here's the view from the kitchen at the top of the stairs (notice Pinot UNDER Kenya on right and Tuc squeezing in next to Elsie on left).

Here are Elsie and Pinot -- two peas in a pod, eh? (They should be as mother and daughter -- I wonder if Elsie would kill for those shapely adolescent hips of Pinot's! hehe)

LOL... I think they really must have loved Snicks after all!

Maybe they appreciate him more now that he's gone.

Nah.... I think it's that they just want to know what happened to him!

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JuliaR said...

Maybe you need another cat? Guide Dogs have a resident cat who keeps the dogs in line. He is the boss but he also comforts dogs who need it. A lovely inter-species relationship.