Friday, August 15, 2008

Elsie's Bulge Bigger?

Do my eyes deceive me, or is Elsie's tummy bulging slightly more than usual (especially toward that back leg)?

We're coming up on 28 days since mating, and I'm trying REALLY hard not to be biased by wishful thinking. ;o)

But I think there's a definite bulge there.

Only three weeks to go till we can get x-rays, and then only two weeks after that and we could be looking at puppies. :o)

But that's only if there's really a puppy bulge there now, of course.

So, do my eyes deceive me?

'Til next time,


Susie said...

Oh yes... she looks like a pregnant pup!

Mrs. Kenagy said...

I think she looks preggo too!

JuliaR said...

Oh yes, even the look on her face tells you!

Mary said...

If she isn't pregnant, then you really need to cut back on the treats. : )