Sunday, August 17, 2008

Checking on Baxter

Guess where I've been since Friday!

I just couldn't resist.

I HAD to go to Maine to check on the Baxter Boos.

Now, of course, my trip had nothing to do with this weekend's being DD's birthday, OR that the last few weeks have been really rough for her and her new hubby (they're fine; moving out of state is tough), OR that DD's new hubby just started his med-school classes and DD is feeling all alone, OR that I missed my Sweet Girl Child and was concerned about her, OR that (did I mention?) this weekend is her birthday.

Nope... I just had to check on Baxter.

And, I'm delighted to report, he is doing JUST FINE. :o) In fact, I'm writing this while I'm in Maine. :o)

He's one happy camper. Take a look:

He gets to play with ropes and kongs and stuffed toys and squeaky toys ALL by himself (he doesn't have to share!). He goes for walks every day. He sleeps on sofas. He gets his very own cushy bed in the newlyweds' bedroom, right next to their bed. He romps with Snickers as much as he likes (or as much as Snicks will put up with). He can enjoy his humans without competition from other canines. He can be as messy as he likes when he eats and not worry about anyone snagging the food he drops.

He enjoys a low-stress life. A worry-free life. A great life!

And he was still wiggly happy to see me. :o)

He even remembered what we used to do with him years ago! When I said, "Get your rope," the Boos went and picked up his rope. Then when I said, "Get your red bone," he went and got his red bone (DD found one just like we used to have).

He's also enjoying squeaky toys again. He carefully mouths his stuffed toys to find the squeakers, squeaking them just for fun (no shredding the toys to remove their beastly, offending squeaky things!). He doesn't have to worry about neurotic canine competitors going bonkers.

Baxter enjoys his squeakers in peace. :o)

He's one happy boy.

And, lest I didn't make it clear enough (hehe), he's REALLY needed here. He makes his humans smile. He nuzzles them with they cry. He snuggles when they're lonely.

He's REALLY good for them. I'm glad he's here.

I'll write more about that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I thought I'd at least let you know that Maine is GREAT for our Baxter Boos -- what a happy guy! And the Snicks is doing fine, too. It's a better life for them both here.

And while their lives are improving, they're also making life smoother for their fragile humans. They're improving the lives of those they love.

Isn't that the way of it?

What would we do without four-footed friends!

'Til next time,

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