Monday, July 14, 2008

We're Baaaaack!

We're back.

Nightmare plane ride (but the pupster was a trooper!).

And the pupster's official name is now "Sundancer's Stoney Ridge Tuscon" and we will call him Tuc (as in "Tuck") and "Tucker" for short.

Gotta run -- family emergency -- need to drive to NH (8 hours one way) for round trip pick up of my sick niece. So what's another 16 hours of travel in a day, eh?

Tucker is doing fine, and will be wonderfully watched by Sarah and Chris, the newlyweds for the day, then by Jon (youngest son), then by Don this evening.

Not the ideal for him, but he's met everyone and loves them all (full wiggle butts for each!).

Will post more with lots of pics tomorrow!


'til next time,


juditudes said...

LUVLUVLUV Tuc's new name!
Perfect choice!
Even tho I voted for Calvin, I wasn't really feeling it :/

Sorry to hear of upcoming travel plans -- will be praying for safe trip up and back.

Look forward to new pix of Tuc the Pup!

JuliaR said...

Tucker is great! As in "butt-tuck-and-run", the patented Labrador move.

Hope all turns out well with family, etc.

L^2 said...
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L^2 said...

Yay, welcome Tucker!

BTW: If your not too busy with family stuff, new puppy, and everything, would you be interested in making a guest post for me?