Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Introducing Tuc (pronounced "Tuck")

We're all back safe and sound from the overnight to AZ to pick up the pupmeister, as well as from the emergency run to pick up my niece in NH (yup, it was 16.5 hours in the car yesterday). More on all that later (I'll get to that in another post).

We have really IMPORTANT stuff to get to :o)

Here he is: "Tuc" (official registered name: "Sundancer's Stoney Ridge Tucson," called "Tuc" for short and officially pronounced tuck ).

I took the following three pictures out in AZ where I picked the pup up two days ago. This first is of Tuc with his breeder, Theresa of Sundancer Labs. The other Lab in the picture is Tuc's cousin by adoption, our former Mr. Blue and Pinot's brother, now called Copper (from last fall's Elsie/Ridge litter) and newest member of the Sundancer gang:

Here's Tuc with his littermates (the black pup closest to the crate at the rear of the kennel):

And here's Tuc in his favorite sleeping position up against the crate in puppy-area inside Theresa's home:

The rest of the pictures are located here, at our place, all taken since my return very late Sunday night (well, 2 a.m. Monday morning, really).

When we arrived home (after Tuc spent 7 HOURS in his travel bag -- I'll post about our travel nightmare separately), we gave the little guy plenty of time to sniff around indoors and out, but we didn't introduce him to the other dogs at that time -- didn't want to overwhelm him. So he met Sarah and Chris and Don and got to explore his new digs. Then by 3 a.m. we were all ready for bed.

Tuc slept in his crate in the family room with me sleeping on the sofa cushions on the floor right next to him. And he slept a good 3.5 hours (and kept his crate dry!).

I suspect he would've slept longer, but my sister called at 6:45 a.m to tell us about her daughter getting sick in New Hampshire and her needing me to ride along to pick up my niece to bring her home to her doctors here (another story). The phone woke Tuc up, but I took him right outside where he potty'd well. :o)

Here he is in his crate just before his first "night" here:

After I left for NH, Don let Tuc meet and romp with the gang! Well, he met the gang he'll live with anyway. Baxter is up at the cottage with Sarah and Chris this week, so Tuc only met Kenya, Pinot, Elsie, and Ridge.

Here are Tuc and Kenya getting acquainted (these photos courtesy of Don):

Pinot, Tuc, and Kenya starting to play:

Here are Pinot and Tuc checking each other out:

Don tells me Tuc had a great day. I didn't get back from NH until 2:40 this morning, so I missed Tuc's first full day here. But today, he's doing fabulously.

He's also developed a few favorite spots in the house to hang out in, the #1 of which seems to be underneath the kitchen chairs beneath whichever person happens to be sitting at the table at the time. Don took a personal day today (in case I was too tired to make the complete 16.5 hour round trip yesterday and had to stay at a hotel). I made it back, but Don's being here worked well so I could sleep in this morning. Don just worked from home.

Tuc parked himself underneath Don while Don was on his telecons and handling e-mail.

Here he is, all stretched out, snoozing away:

So, we're all well and adjusting nicely. No potty accidents today (only one yesterday with Don). And the crate's been dry (Tuc made it through the night last night).

What a sweet, charming, secure, confident, affectionate, well-mannered pup he is! Theresa and Jeff (Theresa's DH) and Tabitha (their daughter) have done a wonderful job socializing and working with him. If you're interested in a Lab, I'd highly recommend them (Sundancer Labs): they are just fabulous (and knowledgeable) with their dogs. In fact, Theresa's been my mentor through our breeding endeavors here. Much of what I know I've learned from her. :o)

Tuc's a great pup. And I must admit, having Tuc will make the transition to life without Baxter a whole lot easier (though the Boos will always be my bud).

That's enough for now. I'll post more soon -- I just need a nap. The hours of traveling I've put in since Saturday have worn me out! ;o)

'Til next time,


theresa said...

So glad that Tuc is doing well! Did you know that TUC is the airport code for Tucson? Quite serendipitous! Talk to you soon!

Jamie said...

Oh Joan, He is adorable. Sounds like he is a good little labby! Can't wait to watch him grow!


Rachel said...

It look as though Tuc has been safely integrated into the pack. Good luck with your newest family member. He's just adorable.