Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Baxter and Mr. Blue

Here's the first time Baxter has interacted with one of Elsie's pups face-to-face. Since Mr. Blue is our most confident puppy, and Baxter is SO big (which could intimidate a less-confident pup) we thought we'd use Mr. Blue for Baxter's introduction.

We needn't have worried about Mr. Blue's end of this introduction. LOL...take a look:

If anything, Baxter is the one who's intimidated! Poor Boos, our 100-pound boy! He's our lumbering gentle giant.

Oh, and you might have noticed Mr. Blue scratching at is ribbon; the rickrack needs to be changed again (it's grown snug enough for him to notice it), so I'll change it today!

In the background, you hear Mr. Green yipping because he's alone in the outdoor pen about 20 yards away from where I'm standing (the rest of the pups are in the indoor pen). I removed Mr. Blue from the outdoor pen to meet Baxter, but left Mr. Green there. He can hear us, but he's not happy about being by himself. Not to worry, though. He's growing in confidence and security daily. :o)

'Til next time,


JuliaR said...

I think you're right! Poor old Baxter seems like he is saying, "what IS this little thing around my feet?"

I agree with sopmeone in the puppy pen the other day (on video) who remarked that you should keep the colour names for the puppies! I know you can't really do that for breeder-naming purposes but it might be fun for some of their nicknames.

Joan said...


I think it was my niece, Kristin, who made the comment about keeping the pups' color names. :o) Yes, it would be fun.

We even took it a step further: we thought of naming Mr. Green "Kodi" short for Kodiak Bear since he moves a bit like a Kodiak (and is thick and solid like one). And we thought of naming Miss Pink-and-White "Twinky" short for Twinkle Toes, since she has two white toes on her left rear foot.

But, alas, we really can't name them; that's up for their new owners to decide.

But it's fun to think about!

For now, we use the generic "puppy" for training introductions. Then the new owners can use "puppy ___________ (whatever the new name is)" and then eventually drop the "puppy" part of the command, leaving only the new name.

We'll see if it works!

kate Flynn said...

Oh bless Baxter, what a big gentle boy he is to only show kindness to that pesky new kid weaving between his long legs!!-lol