Monday, October 01, 2007

What a Lunch Hour!

Here's what my twin sister, Jean
(aka Aunt Jeanie to the pups and my human kids),
does on her lunch break from work several days per week.

Imagine having this kind of lunch hour each day!
What a wonderful, happy, low-stress world it would be!

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JuliaR said...

How wonderful, thank you so much for taking the time to blog about all this. I can only imagine how busy you were last week with puppy poo! But you saved up the movies and the reports and now we readers have the benefit of it. I am so pleased for you all that the puppies are turning out so nicely.

Joan said...

You're very welcome, Julia.

Last week WAS nuts -- truly. But now that we have a routine in place, and now that we have two indoor pens and one big outdoor pen set up, I can sanely move the pups around as I need to to feed them and clean up after them.

And now we're back to two people getting them all set when they wake in the morning, and when we have to get out the door, and that makes a HUGE difference. I only have to be out one morning a week, but it's still much saner with two of us.

I'm hoping to be able to post more regularly now again. I don't think dear hubby travels again until after the pups are ready to go to their new homes.

Like you, I'm pleased and relieved that all the pups are healthy and developing just fine. I'd have a TERRIBLE time making a euthanasia decision if we had a disabled pup (I have a hemiplegic son, he's 23 yo now, so I feel pretty strongly about the value, dignity, and worth of those with disabilities). I know the pups aren't human, but it sure would be tough for me to put down a pup just because his gait if off or he's weaker or slower than the rest (some breeders would tell me to get out of the business if I can't). But we haven't had to make that decision yet. Thankfully. -phew-

And hubby is better with those kinds of things than I -- more level headed. ;o) We make a good team, actually.

So, thanks for hanging in there with us, and again, I'm sorry if I scared you last week by not posting. Thanks so much for your concern.

All is well (thankfully)! :o)


Charlie said...

That's my kind of lunch break! :)

Theresa said...

Can I come over for lunch? I can will even pick up puppy poo if need be!

Joan said...

Theresa...anytime! The pups are always glad for lunchtime company. :o)