Friday, October 19, 2007

Forever Homes

We're pleased to announce that all our pups have forever homes!

Yup, all are sold, and we're tickled with their placements. Here's the run-down in order of when they leave us for their new homes:
  • Miss Pink-and-White, our nicely balanced, well-rounded pup who left us this afternoon (Friday), is going to be a pet and companion for a wonderful, semi-retired couple in New Jersey. We know she'll be loved to pieces in her new home. Her new name is "Luba" (Russian for "love"). :o)
  • Miss White, our super-people-oriented pup, leaves us tomorrow morning (Saturday), to become a pet and companion for a family of six (parents plus four kids ranging in age from 10 to 17) who lost their former family Lab this past July. She'll be living with her new family in Gilbertsville, PA, and it's looking like her name will be "Nala" or "Dakota."
  • Miss Scarlet and Mr. Blue-&-White are going together this Sunday afternoon (yup, together -- and will definitely be spayed and neutered later on) to a delightful pair of ladies near Wayne, PA. A mother-daughter team who live together in the long-time family home, these folks are dog people all around and know exactly what they're getting into. They already love the pups and hope to train them for pet therapy (perhaps with Paws with a Cause or the like) for work in retirement communities, rehab centers, senior citizen homes, and hospitals. Mr. Blue-and-White's name will become "Midas" and Red may remain what we've called her all along, "Miss Scarlet" (they're still deciding).
  • On Monday, Miss Pink, one of our water girls and the girl with the strongest retrieving instinct, joins a family of four humans (parents, two young children) three other dogs, a cat and an assortment of other critters who live in Harleysville, PA. Her new main male human is a hunter and hopes to train Miss Pink to be his hunting companion (duck and other waterfowl). Her other main human adult is a full-time pet sitter (with a fabulous pet-sitting reputation, btw). :o) We couldn't have asked for a better placement for Pink. They're still deciding on names, but it looks like our Pinky will become either "Dakota" or "Zara."
  • Mr. Blue (our BlueBoy), probably our best over-all pup in the litter and now officially known as "Copper," is leaving us to join the gang over at Sundancer Labs in Arizona. His new "mom" Theresa is coming to pick him up in early November (flying out in person -- we don't have to ship him alone!!!! yay!!!!). For those of you who don't know, Theresa has been a godsend for me through this process. A breeder, too, (only much further along in the process), she's walked us through so many questions and concerns about Elsie and the pups these past few months. She also shows, trains, and judges Labs in competition, and her DH hunts and trains the dogs in the field. I couldn't be more tickled that Mr. Blue (now "Copper") is finding his forever home with the Sundancer gang!
  • Mr. Green will be moving in with his new family in Lansdale, PA, in about two weeks (Nov 4), just two days after "Copper" (aka Mr. Blue) leaves us. He's to become the family pet and hunting companion for a family of four (parents and two very young children), both human adults of which have grown up around and lived with multiple Labs. His new primary male human's grandfather is also a veterinarian, so we think Mr. Green will be in good hands. As yet, we don't know of Mr. Green's new name, but we'll let you know.
  • And then there's Miss Black. Yup, she's staying with us. :o) Her new name is....(drum roll, please): "Pinot" (pronounced "pee-no" like the wine). We thought Pinot was appropriate because she was Miss Black (and we like Pinot Noir), because wine is good for the heart (and she has a heart murmur), because wine (like puppies) can be good for blood pressure, and Pinots tend to be mellow wines -- smooth and relaxing, and she seems to be our mellow girl. Then there's always the fact that "Pinot" sounds almost like "peanut" and Miss Black has a peanut head like Kenya. One other consideration for us in naming our new pup is that Miss Black's name had to sound different enough from the other dogs' names to be clearly distinguishable in the field. And "Pinot" sounds nothing like Baxter, Elsie, Ridge, or Kenya. So, whadya think?
'Til next time,


Theresa said...

That Copper sure is a handsome boy!

teresamc said...

I'm so happy to hear from you again. I missed hearing about your grandpups. It's great they all have wonderful homes to go too! They are sooo big now. I bet you all will miss them. I sure will... Thanks for sharing this amazing experience with me and my family. It has been a blessing to us in more ways than one. Please keep us posted...

JuliaR said...

I am so pleased that you described all the forever homes so nicely and so well. It sounds like those puppies will be loved. And they are so handsome! You ALL did a great job. How is Elsie feeling?

Charlie said...

How wonderful that they all have forever homes! Now if you can just convince all the new families that their pups need a blog... :)
- Charlie