Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Miss Pink's New Family

Well, Miss Pink (or Pinky, as we sometimes called her) is now officially with her new forever family. Here they are:

Andy, the dad, is a bird hunter and plans to train Miss Pink (who showed promising retrieving and training instincts) to be his retriever in the field. Jada and Drew, the kids, are pet socializers extraodinnaire (they've been helping us socialize the pups for a couple weeks now)!!! Jamie, the mom, is a pet setter, and an excellent one at that. In fact, she'll be sitting for our Pinot (Miss Black) for six days in November while DH and I head over to Copenhagen (Denmark) where he's teaching at a conference (we'll kennel the rest of our crew, but Pinot is too young for kenneling, so she's boarding with Jamie). It will be fun for Pinot and Miss Pink to have a few days together, and good timing, too: our trip occurs literally the day after Mr. Green leaves and two days after Copper (Mr. Blue) flies with his new mom to AZ.

Again, we couldn't ask for a better placement for Miss Pink. Thanks, Andy, Jamie, Jada, and Drew for providing a wonderful home for Pinky ("Dakota" or "Zara" or wherever you land with her name).

Knowing the pups have such fabulous forever homes makes it so much easier to let go!

And then there were three...

'Til next time,

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