Monday, October 08, 2007

Romping, Wrassling, Snuggling, and Getting Wet

This clip capture a bit of everything from our pool adventure yesterday. The reason I post it is because I think you can really begin to see a bit of personality in the pups in video.

Sarah, patient sort and good sport that she is, is still in the pool waiting to help pups get in if they want to. Just over half-way through the clip, however, the pups find her flip-flops hidden under the tarp (hehe). Having already lost her favorite flip-flops to Kenya last summer, the Sweet Sarah Girl is less than pleased that the pups have discovered her current favorite footwear. :o)

LOL...she's still a good sport though. :o)

In this video you also see puppies wrassling, growling, romping, resting in Sarah's arms, racing around the yard, and trying out the water again. Enjoy.

'Til next time,


teresamc said...

I love this video!! When they run, you can't help but love them. Both my girls (Chocolate labs) get very excited when they here the puppies making their "puppy" sounds. Don't you wish you could keep them all--or that they would stay 11 lbs just alittle bit longer? I sure do...
Thanks Joan for asking about my Chloe girl. She back to her old self again and acting quite lab like.

JuliaR said...

And I love the way they do the butt-tuck-and-run after their little butts get wet in the pool.