Thursday, October 25, 2007

Canine Socialization

Now that the pups are bigger, all weighing somewhere between 16 and 21 pounds, we're letting them romp a bit with the "big" kids (as in Baxter, Kenya, and Ridge). They get to romp with Mom (Elsie), too, but man-o-man, she's really tough on them. It's that canine socialization thing, and Elsie is still being a responsible mother to her pups.

We're told, and have read, that this is a good thing -- this canine socialization. It's necessary for them to learn how to interact with other dogs, whether in their new families or at the park or when involved in shows or competitions. It's just hard for me to watch Elsie pin these guys sometimes (to the point of their yipping and tail-tucking).

So what follows are a few clips of canine socialization, the gentler versions. You'll see that the pups are really little individuals now. Pinot is, by far, the most submissive with the big dogs, but she's also very playful with them. Copper submits pretty readily, but is confident and independent. Mr. Green... well ... he's just Mr. Green (hehe).

Here's Pinot (uploaded at YouTube because Blogger was giving me fits!):

Here's Mr. Green (it's funny how Elsie and Kenya just wait him out later in the video -- they'd been playing with the pups for a while when I shot this, so I think they're tuckered out!):

And here's Mr. Blue (again, at YouTube, since Blogger video processing is still giving me fits!):

They sure are growing up fast!

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