Saturday, October 06, 2007

Our Adventures this, our 6th, Week!

Grandma introduced us to boxes this week. Our first box lasted about twenty minutes. We liked to shred cardboard boxes so much that she finally got us this soft cushy box with a toy inside. Somebody said it was a "cat" box, but we don't know what that means. We still really like the box, though. We even sometimes get stuck inside it.

Here's a still picture of Mr. Blue-and-White outside the box so you can see what it looks like:

Here's Mr. Blue IN the box playing with the red fuzzy toy:

In this clip Pinky likes playing with the red fuzzy ball inside the box, so much that she's happy to hang out in there. But first, Mr. Blue scrambles out so Pinky can get in.

We've also gotten better at wrassling with each other. We sometimes growl and snarl and bare our teeth, but we're really just playing. We pretend to fight and do something called play "kill." It sounds pretty intense, and we sometimes bite a little too hard, like when we grab an ear or a tail or a toe, but that's how we learn to have soft mouths later one.

We really don't mean to hurt each other. We're just figuring out who's the boss in our litter. Nobody is the clearer winner yet, but it's little too soon to tell. So we'll keep wrassling. ;o)

And if it REALLY gets out of hand, Grandma will intervene. But not often. She leaves us to figure things out (Grandma says it's REALLY hard for her not to rescue us when we're on the bottom end of the fighting and we're yelping to get up). But it's really better for us if she doesn't. We have to learn to fend for ourselves.

In the following video, Mr. PSU (Blue-and-White) teams with Miss Pink-and-White to pin little Miss White. Miss Pink-and-White quickly loses interest, but Mr. PSU pursues this issue. Not to worry--Miss White can hold her own.

Being six-week-old puppies also means we're easily distracted, so our play fighting soon gives way to interest in Grandpa cleaning up poop, in our dummy duck toy, and in our water bowl, where we're fast friends again.

Oh, and guess what?! Grandma let uss wade in the wading pool this week, too!!!! It was really hot outside, so she thought it would feel good.

We weren't quite sure what to make of it, but Miss Scarlet, Miss Pink-and-White, and Mr. Blue seemed to like it. Mr. Green and Miss Black checked it out, but weren't quite as sure. It was our first experience with water. Way cool!

Grandma still has to edit the wading pool video so she can put it here. She'll do that later today. :o)

It's been a fun week! And, much to Grandma's toe discomfort, we've really learned to use our teeth!



That's all from us, the Puppies. Grandma will be back soon.

Bye (paw waves).

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