Tuesday, October 09, 2007

We Went to the VET! A Puppy Report

Grandma and Grandpa took us to a place called the "Vet's" last night. They said we'd have fun. They lied.

First they put us in the back of "the van" in these things called "crates." Four of us in each one! We REALLY didn't like that. We started whimpering and howling to get out. Mr. Green even howled his most pathetic howl with the sure-to-tug-a-human-heart quivery voice thrown it. It didn't work. They made us stay in the crates.

Then we started moving. That didn't help.

If we'd known what was waiting for us, maybe we wouldn't have complained.

When the car stopped, they took us out (still in the crates) and put us (in our crates) on top of a big red wagon. Then they rolled us into this place with lots of other people and lots of bright lights.

That was actually kinda fun. And lots of people told us how cute we were. Though still crowded in our crates, we were happier.

Then they rolled us into an "exam" room, where Grandpa took us out of our crates so we could explore and be more comfortable.

Hah! We were way too traumatized for exploring. When he and the Vet Tech lifted us out of the crates and put us on the floor, we stretched right out on the cool floor, and some us went right to sleep. Harrumph. That'll show them!

We thought we were safe.

We were wrong. The real horrors were about to begin.

They weighed us. Some of us were braver than others.

Then the "vet" guy came in. His name is Dr. Wagner. He felt us all over and moved our legs and feet in all kinds of ways. All our joints felt good.

Then Dr. Wagner listened to our hearts. He spent an extra long time listening to Miss Black. She has something called a "soft heart murmur" that Grandpa and Grandma will have to watch. She's also now the "runt" since she's not be gaining weight as fast as the rest. Grandma says she won't let Miss Black go to a new home (whatever that is) unless Black's murmur clears up (which the vet said it probably would in the next couple of weeks -- the vet isn't worried).

Oh boy. Ah... Gulp... Pant...

This next part is almost too traumatic to talk about.

When the weighing and feeling and stretching and listening were done, Dr. Wagner put stuff down our throats (yuk)(dewormer), then he stuck us with a needle between our shoulder blades (DHPP shot for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvo), and then...

This is where it gets really bad...

He stuck a BIG needle under our skin where he'd already given us a shot. This BIG needle contained something called a "microchip." It HURT. We all yelped. And some of us bled a little. But Grandma says it will help our new owners find us if we ever get lost. It's a permanent ID under our skin -- it can't fall off like dog tags (whatever they are) can.

That was it.

That was enough.

We were spent.
And then it was time to get back in the crates and go home.

We hated the car ride home as much as we did the car ride there. But once we got home, it was like nothing had ever happened.

It must've been a bad dream -- one we all had at the same time. Hmmm... pretty remarkable dream, eh? And we all had it at the same time! Go figure.

Grandma will fill you in on the details later today. In the meantime, we're all fine (all over 11 pounds!). The only concern is Miss Black's heart murmur, but that will probably just disappear on its own.

Now it's back to the hard work of puppy play! And sleep. Especially after our trauma last night!

Bye for now,
The Elsie-Ridge Puppies. :o)


JuliaR said...

I don't know how you do it, without having one person per pup! And that last photo of them asleep under the table is just too cute. Let's hope Miss Black shrugs it off.

Molly said...

Awww. What little troopers! They didn't microchip either of our boys in front of us, they took them in the back and then brought them out. Now, I'm kind of glad... it would have broke my heart to hear them yelp.