Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Three Who Remain

Well, Black (Pinot), Blue (Copper), and Green (in photo above from left to right it's Black, Green, and Blue) are all doing remarkably well despite the absence of their littermates.

The did seem a little disrupted this weekend when we had so many people coming and going between puppy visits, puppy pick-ups, our human kids dropping in from their various colleges, and one birthday dinner for youngest said human kid (who turned 20, so DH & I are now officially parents of all twenty-somethings! How weird is that!).

But since the revolving door has slowed, they seem very much at home again.

And, GET THIS....

We started crate training all three (yes, this is absolutely nuts), and last night we went the whole night without any accidents!

And today, we made it through the whole day with only one small pee puddle (Mr. Green, I'm afraid), and that's because I was gone too long this morning (I teach a class on Tuesday mornings, and I was gone nearly four hours -- pups this age can really only go about 2 hours during the day between potties). And I didn't crate them since I knew I'd be gone (just left them in the indoor pen attached to their crates).

As soon as I got home, though, I whisked them each out one at a time, and poor Mr. Green was last to go out -- he just couldn't wait, poor guy.

And I've been taking them out one at a time for pottying all day, and everybody is doing what they're supposed to do! We use the command "get busy" when they are actually peeing and pooing (as in actually in the act), so they get the idea in time that when we say "get busy" it's time to get down to business.

So far so good.

But housebreaking three pups simultaneously is a bit nuts. I'll concede that. Especially when there's only one of me during the day. We just didn't want to wait (this is an ideal age to housebreak pups). Hopefully Mr. Green's new folks and Mr. Blue's Sundancer gang won't mind. ;o)

So...I think we have our hands full for the next two weeks.

Would you agree?

'Til next time,


JuliaR said...

I think you are wonderfully energetic to house train three puppies! I would have no idea where to start. Of course, I've only ever had two puppies and not at the same time. The first one practically trained herself and I was never convinced the second one really took it to heart that peeing in the house was a "very bad thing". I have a lot to learn. :)

And thank you for posting the links to the blogs of the puppies' new owners.

Russ said...

Crate training is going very well for Nala. Two nights in a row now with no accidents. Although, she's still having accidents on the rug during the day (right after she comes in from going outside!?!). For the first time last night, no crying, whimpering, or whining all night (either she didn't do it or we slept very soundly) until she heard us getting up this morning. But this morning she thought she would make up for the fact that she was quiet all night by actually barking at me to let her out of her crate when I came downstairs and was putting on my shoes to take her out (demanding little thing!). She only barked twice before this: at my electric shaver and at a stack of bricks behind our shed that she spotted at night when we were out). She's also starting to understand "no" that I have to use when she nips at my ankles or shoes. I'll send more pics of her as she grows.

Charlie said...

What a wonderful surprise for the new families!

Joan said...

Julia -- hehe...energetic? LOL...well I'm not so sure it's that as much as I'm tired of cleaning floors. :O)

So far, so good, though. We've had three dry nights in a row and just a few piddle accidents during the day in all three days combined.

I'm worn out, but I think it will be worth it in the long run!

Joan said...


Glad to hear how well Nala is doing. I'm not surprised; she's a smart pup. She's got spunk, too! If you recall, she was at one time the runt of the litter (for the first six weeks, in fact, until she overtook Black in size and weight), so what she lacked in size she more than made up for in personality! I think it's great that she barked; it means she's confident enough to do so, which means she's feeling secure. She'll grow and learn quickly. I know puppydom can be a challenge; but like kids, it lasts so short a time. Enjoy it! And thanks for keeping us updated!