Monday, October 22, 2007

Saying Puppy Goodbyes

With each placement it's getting harder to say goodbye to the pups.

DH Don, shown below saying a few final words to Mr. Blue&White (now "Midas") before he left with his new forever family, found it to be a bit tougher than I think either of us expected.

There was such a flurry of activity for us immediately before Pink-&-White (now "Luba") and White (now "Nala") left, that we barely had time to think, let alone feel. After Midas and Mandy left, however, was a different story.

It's not that we were any more or less attached to any of the pups (we'd become attached to all of them). I think it was more that we had a lull between the Midas/Mandy pickup yesterday and Pinky's pick-up later today (this evening).

And we're down to only four (Pinky, Green, Blue/"Copper", and Black/"Pinot"), so each absence becomes more noticeable.

After this evening it will just be three, and then we'll have all three for the next two weeks.

Then it will just be Black...our little Pinot.

We already have a growing notify list for people interested in our next litters (we're planning two in 2008), so I guess we must doing something right. All I can say is that I'm tickled with how the pups turned out, and am delighted with their new homes across the board.

Now it's time to get busy with clicker training and real house-breaking (any tips for housebreaking 3 pups at one time? Yikes!).

'Til next time,
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FG167 said...

Midas is a TERRIFIC name for a fox red male pup! :-)

Joan said...

Isn't "Midas" terrific? I just love that name! Midas and Mandy are doing very well at their new home, btw. And I like "Midas" and "Mandy" together. Great names!