Monday, October 22, 2007

Miss White's (now "Nala") New Forever Family

As it happens, Miss White's (now officially "Nala") new owner is a photographer and a blogger. That means we can see how she's progressing in her new environment in ways we probably can't with the other pups.


Check out these fabulous shots of "Nala" in her new home (the link will take you to the new owner's blog).

We couldn't have asked for a better placement for her!

Thanks, Russ and gang, for the fine home and love you're providing for Nala! She looks great!

'Til next time


Russ said...

Thanks for the link back to my photoblog.

Nala is definitely getting lots of love and attention. Yesterday, the kids found an old basin and partially filled it with water and Nala jumped right in it on her own..splashing and jumping around in the water. She loved it. Last night, I was laying on the floor watching TV and she came over, plopped down between my legs, curled up, and went to sleep. She's a doll!

Joan said...

Well, Russ, it appears your were out-voted, eh? LOL, I think "Nala" is a sweet name, and probably fits her well.

It warms my heart to hear how well she's doing already; you guys must really be making her feel at home.

I'll drop by your blog every now and then -- just love your photography -- to check for updates.

And I hope you're all getting a tad more sleep by now! She's a little cutey; almost too cute, eh? Hang tough, she'll get used to sleeping on her own soon. :o)

Again, we're thrilled she's with you!