Friday, October 05, 2007

Kenya and the Pups

Kenya finally got to play in the pen with the pups this week! It was her first face-to-face-without-a-barrier-in-the-way encounter.

All did fine! Neither pups nor Kenya were fearful (unlike Baxter Boos!).

Take a look:

Kenya was remarkably tolerant (remember, Kenya herself is only 14 months old) and gentle -- very soft-mouthed with the pups and patient with them chewing on her ears. I suspect she'll make a good mom, too, one day.

And now that she's had her turn in the pen, it's the place she bolts to first as soon as we take her outside.

As far as she's concerned it's..."Oh boy! Eight more playmates!" :o)

We've been trying the pups out of the pen one-or-two-at-a-time with the big dogs. And they're holding their owning, despite learning some canine manners. :o)

I'll put up video of that over the weekend.

'Til next time,
Joan (who was completely wiped out with a migraine yesterday, and was neck deep in pup land Tuesday and Wednesday when it rained and I had to come up with creative indoor solutions for puppy playdom). :o)


Molly said...

One of the things I LOVE about labs is how long they hold on to some of their puppy traits. Our big dog, Beo, looks just like Kenya and is still all wiggles and wags. He will be two in February.

kate Flynn said...

Kenya is a darling isn't she?
So gentle and tolerant for one so young herself, i'm sure you're right she will make a lovely mom one day- the pups can't believe their luck getting to meet all these interesting playmates- what fun!

Joan said...

Hi Molly,

Yes, even our 100-pound Baxter (at four, now I think) still wiggles. And he's still an imp when he wants to be. ;o)

Sounds like Beo is a sweetie!

Like you, I'm sold on the Lab breed; you can't ask for a better dog. :o)


Joan said...

Hi Kate,

Yes, Kenya is a sweetie. I feel a bit guilty that she's not gotten the time I'd like to give her with all the attention we've needed to give Elsie and the pups (Ridge and Baxter are easy going about attention most of the time).

And I'm glad we have such sweet dogs all around for the pups to meet and interact with. I think it will make for better canine socialization for them in the long run.

This week we'll start having human kidlets around for the pups to learn how to deal with little human types, too. :o)

Now we just have to get them all placed!

Two weeks to go!