Saturday, October 20, 2007

Officially 8 Weeks Old! (a report from the pups)

Here we are at 8 weeks old!

Grandma took our picture this morning while we were waiting for Miss White's new humans to come for her. Pink-&-White left us yesterday. We miss her, but we're still having fun. :o)

Miss White and Pink-&-White are really lucky. Just look at them with their new humans.

Here's Pink-&-White (now "Luba") with her new master (minus the Mrs.):

And here's White (maybe "Nala" or "Dakota") with her new family (minus the oldest daughter):

We think they're going to be really really happy in their new homes.

Grandma and Grandpa tell us we're going to be loved just as much as P&W and White will be. But it's a little scary. P&W and White were really brave, though, and they seemed really happy with their people; it was like they forgot about us already. So we think we'll be okay, too.

Tomorrow Miss Scarlet (Red) and Mr. PSU (Blue-&-White) get to go together to their new home. Then Pink leaves Monday, but Pink is local, so we'll get to see her now and then (those of us who are left here).

Then it will just be the three of us: Pinot (Miss Black), Copper (Mr. Blue), and Mr. Green for the next two weeks.

So don't tune out yet...we still have puppy tales to tell! But thanks for rootin' for us. :o)

Big wet sloppy kisses from,
The Elsie-Ridge puppies :o)

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Russ Devan said...

What a motley crew. The pup is the cutest one in the bunch! Miss White is adjusting well to her new home and is the center of attention. Although, Snickers our cat didn't want anything to do with her. She got a little upset when we introduced her to Miss White, hissed, and ran off to hide somewhere in the house (I think she's pouting).