Monday, October 13, 2008

3.5 Weeks Old - A Note from the Pups :o)

Momma Joan went away on a "speaking engagement" on Friday (whatever that is) in western Virginia (wherever that is), and we didn't get to see her for almost three whole days! That's why she couldn't be here to tell you about us. Momma Elsie and Daddy Don and Uncle Dan took really good care of us though. We love Momma Elsie best, but we love Daddy Don and Uncle Dan every bit as much as we love Momma Joan.

And, boyohboyohboy, were we happy to see her when she got back! We couldn't wait to climb all over her (we're gettin' pretty good at climbin' now). This is Momma Joan sittin' in the whelping box with us:

We gave her lots of kisses (that's Mr. Lime giving kisses):

And lots of snuggles (that's Mr. Black snuggling):

And then we played with our toys.


Yup, we can all see and hear now. AND we all have TEETH! So we like chewing on things like orange dummies, puppy nylabones, puppy booda ropes, stuffed toys, and "stuff-less" critters.

We really like our octopus toy, too, especially to sleep on:

But our absolute favorite things to chew on are each other. ;o)

Sometimes we chew so hard we make each other yip, especially if we catch an ear between our tiny teeth. It hurts (ouch!), but that's how we learn not to chew on each other too hard.

We "play fight" now, too. You should hear us growl. And that really tuckers us out.

Speaking of getting tuckered out, we're sleepy. We only last about 10 minutes awake before it's time for us nap again. And our ten minutes is about up.

Momma Joan will be back soon to tell you more about us, though.


Grunt, grunt, nuzzle, nuzzle.

Sigh. Moan.


Grunt, grunt, nuzzle nuzzle.



Meesh said...

Whewwwwww! Thanks for the update, pups! I was starting to have withdrawal symptoms from not having a new Lab Tails post-although all the great pictures from last week were what kept me going! I feel much better now and am glad you are all growing and playing and chewing and even posting on here now. Wow-how fast you are growing up! Keep up the good work and take care of those humans who have done such a great job getting you to this point in your life! Chester's mom

mary said...

You know, even though my lab is over a year old now, she still loves sleeping in a puppy pile. Mostly with just she, her daddy and myself but still, she is at the bottom and she loves it. Guess they never grow out of the puppy pile huh?