Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Discovering Toys and Each Other (26 Days Old)


Mary said...

To bad we can't bottle "puppyness" and sell it on the market. That way, if you are feeling down or having a bad day, you can just sprinkle some on and you feel as if you have just watched and played with a litter of puppies. If we could do that, not only would we be rich, but everyone in the world would be happy! I'm thinking this is the way to go in Iraq and Iran etc....sprinkle some puppy on them and they would be happy instead of angry all the time! : ) I know your puppies always make me happy! : )

Meesh said...

DOUBLE DITTO on Mary's post! (I'd keep a bottle of Puppyness at home, at work and in the car for emergencies!) ;0-) Thanks once again for such wonderful pictures!
Chester's mom

Thoughts said...

Oh my God I cannot get enough of these pictures. SO glad you are sharing them with us. Those pups are just so cute I want to squeeze them and snuggle them. That one picture of the one with froggy legs is hilarious. Our golden lays like that and it cracks me up. He started doing it when he was as young as these pups too!