Friday, October 31, 2008

We're Six Weeks Old Today!

Hi, everybody! This is the pups speaking. We just had to commandeer (pretty big word for puppies, eh?) Momma Joan's computer so we could tell ya some stuff about ourselves.

First, we're six weeks old today!!!! Momma Joan tells us that to celebrate we get to go to "the vet's" office later today and we get to go in crates and ride in a red wagon and go in a car and get shots and chips (is that food?). We don't know what any of that means, but we'll try anything once. ;o)

Here we are sitting on the hammock outside yesterday (well, only five of us, the other four were under the hammock). We're learning that if we sit, people will pick us up or pet us or pay attention to us. Aren't we growing up!

Second, we only eat real puppy food now (yup, we're 100% weaned)! Momma Joan and Daddy Don still mix our dry puppy food with a little warm water to soften it, but we're learning to chew it up pretty well now that we have most of our teeth. And we've graduated to using two food bowls, so half of us eat from one and the other half eat from the other. This week Momma Joan says we'll move to eating from five bowls (two pups per bowl, and one gets one all to himself!), and then to our own bowls (one per pup). She says that's to help us get ready for our new homes (whatever that means).

Next, we can run quite well now and not trip over our feet so much. In this video we were trying to follow the big dogs who were outside the pen:

We sure love the big dogs. Pinot and Kenya even came into our pen yesterday to play with us (one at a time so they wouldn't overwhelm us):

As much as we love the big dogs, we love people even more.

Aunt Jeanie (Momma Joan's twin sister) and Aunt Sarah and Uncle Chris (some of Momma Joan's grown-up human kids) all came to play with us last night, and boy did we have fun.

Aunt Jeanie looks just like Momma Joan, but she smells and sounds different (we can tell them apart), and Aunt Sarah and Uncle Chris came all the way from Maine just to see us (well, somebody said something about a funeral, too, but we don't know what that is)! They brought a really gigunda black dog with them (biggest one we've ever seen, even bigger than Kenya) whose name is Baxter. All the other big dogs knew him and acted like he's one of us, so we think he used to be part of the pack here. Baxter gets to stay here this weekend, but then he goes back to Maine.

Baxter was fine to meet... but we really liked our people more:

And while we were playing with everyone else, Momma Elsie got to snuggle with Uncle Dan (Momma Joan's DFS):

And she even romped with one of our toys, the stuffless rabbit:

That's okay, we don't mind sharing. But, geez, ever since she stopped feeding us she acts just like a big puppy! We don't ever forget she's mom, though. ;o)

That's all for now. Momma Joan wants to take us outside again (we really like it outside). And she really wants to play with us one at a time outside in the grass today, too (for assess.... something.... we can't remember the word... but I think she's trying to see how we do alone and with following a ball and following noises over our heads and stuff like that). It's supposed to be warmer, so we'll get to be outside longer today. Yay!

Momma Joan will be back tonight with an update on our trip to the vet's office. We're not sure how we feel about that, but she'll let you know.

Have a puppy-fun day! We sure will.

Here are a few puppy kisses to get you started: [slurp, slurp] :o)

Bye for now,

The Puppies (Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Sky, Green, Lime, White, and Black!)

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