Monday, October 27, 2008

More Sunday Adventure

Here are some still shots from yesterday's Great Outdoor Puppy Adventure! I've got a gazillion pictures, but thought I'd provide just a sampling here (warning: this entry make take some time to load for you folks who have dial-up Internet access).

Here's Daddy Don trying to capture some fun pictures with Elsie's help (in the first shot) and Kenya's help (in the second). It get's tricky:

In addition to using scent, the pups can now track Elsie visually so they follow her as she walks around the pen:

All of the pups successfully maneuvered the step:

And the hammock (both on top and under):

They seemed aware of and alert to their surroundings (here, Mr. Yellow heard the tractor back-fire):

They had boatloads of fun romping with and pouncing on each other:

Of course, they had to bark at Kenya:

And sniff her:

And follow Momma Elsie:

And "run" around the pen (doesn't Mr. Black look terrific?!):

The rest of these shots capture various outdoor play experiences in collage (you get more pictures for the space!):

Then the pups finally started to tucker out:

They did the puppy-pile thing under the hammock until it got too cold:

Then we brought them inside where they promptly went back to sleep. Here's Mr. Black snoozing away in the puppy cube:

So went their afternoon of outdoor play yesterday!

I'm going to try to get them out again later today when it's warmer and the sun is out (it's just in the 40s now). But that may be it for outdoor play for the rest of the week (it's supposed to get wet and cold again).

Until then, they'll just have to be content with their indoor puppy pen! I'm sure they will be; puppies are easily pleased. :o)

'Til next time,


DogsDeserveFreedom said...

great pics - gotta love puppies. I like the ones where they are trying to climb up that step

bryden said...

i absolutely adore these pictures, they are so cute and are all beautiful =)

LuvmyDaisy said...

Wonderful pictures! I can imagine the feeling of the pups' soft fur!
Joan, I'm curious about the age at which puppies' eye color is permanent. My sweet Daisy (yellow Lab) has dark chocolate brown eyes, but I've seen Lab eye colors in the brown spectrum up to almost gold. Is that something that's obvious early in a puppy's life?