Thursday, October 02, 2008

More Milestones: Thirteen Days Old

Look, eyes!

That's Mr Green with DSD (who is driving back to Maine today -- she decided to stay a couple extra days!). Not everyone's eyes are open, but some of the further-developed pups started opening their eyes as early as two days ago. I suspect everyone will have their eyes open by the weekend.

And LOOK, they can almost walk! They vary in ability here, but they're all developing appropriately according to their own timelines:

Even Mr. Black is gaining strength and competing with the rest of the gang! It's so hard to watch him struggle (I want to rescue him), but we still make sure he gets his fair share, and we tube feed him as necessary, which worked out be only once yesterday and twice the day before). The struggle, as much as I hate watching it, makes him stronger. Take a look:

So now we move into the "busy" phase of puppy-rearing. They'll see huge milestones this week (eyes will finish opening, ears will unseal and they'll respond to sound, etc.), and we'll let you about each as it happens!

'Til next time,


Meesh said...

Go, Mr. Black! Go!! I was on vacation and am just now catching up to all the posts. This has been wonderful watching and learning all about puppy breeding. You all deserve alot of credit for being so meticulous in how you take care of all your fur-kids. (I'm sure you were the same with your human kids). Thanks for all the wonderful pictures and movie clips. I am thoroughly enjoying them and am more "hooked" on them than any TV reality show-EVER!! Chester's Mom

Mary said...

I guess those extra prayers to St. Francis worked huh? We'll keep them going just to make sure all the puppies grow to be strong, beautiful, healthy labs. YEAH MR BLACK AND ALL THE REST!!!!!

Monica said...

They're beautiful! I've been waiting for them to open their eyes! I can't believe how much they are changing every single day. Thanks so much for the updates!

JuliaR said...

They look like real puppies now! I'm so glad for you that you had extra help with your DSD. I'm there in spirit anyway!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more, chester's mom! I am also thoroughly hooked on this blog, too; you're rite, it's better than any reality TV out there. Mr. Black has captured my heart totally and completely -- I'm a goner, for sure!