Thursday, October 16, 2008

Solid Food!

The pups have started solid food!!! Well, its texture is actually more like runny cream-of-wheat , but it's their first big step toward weaning.

This partial clip captures the pups' actual first time trying out solids (I shortened the video length because their entire first experience lasted too long for the limits of blogger's file sizes) . Mr. Black (and one other pup) needed a little extra encouragement so I included that part of the video. And you'll see, Mr. Red had no trouble hogging the pan. :o)

What you hear as the video starts (and for its duration) is the puppies' lapping sounds as they "eat" (lap up, like they do with water) the liquidy gruel (a mixture of ground puppy food, Esbilac, and water).

Here they are:

And they were quite tidy, too!

Such good little puppies. :o)

'Til next time,


kayceebeebee said...

Oh so cute! They are growing so fast. And darn cute! Thanks for sharing your puppies with us out here in blog world. I look so forward to each of your post to see those cutie pies! It brings a smile to my face every day.

Monica said...

That is so sweet! Mr. Red reminds me of my baby girl...all about the food! I'm so glad Mr. Black is doing so good and joining the rest of the pack! I can't believe how much they have all grown!