Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Poor, Traumatized Puppies! ;o)

Oh, such woe! Such mourning and gnashing of teeth (well, gums).

Such drama.

What mean humans we are!!!!

How dare we remove the poor, innocent, sheltered 18-day-old puppies from the only home they've known in their short lives (the whelping box), to place them in another enclosure on a different texture than their little pads have experienced (a terry towel) in order for their humans to clean (as in really clean) their aforementioned original home.

You'd think we tortured them!


Yes, for the first time ever, I actually removed all the puppies from the whelping box and put them in a small pen 10-feet away so I could not only change puppy bedding, but actually scrub the whelping box's insides. Then, when I was done, DH added the side extensions (made the whelping box walls higher) so we wouldn't have any more escapees. :o)

The sweet, tender babies couldn't been in the box while DH was crawling around in there with his cordless drill.

Oh, for shame!

And with such drama, their only recourse was safety-in-numbers (the puppy pile, of course):

By the location of the pile, you would've thought Elmo (see towel design below) terrified them (big, bad, scary Elmo!)!

Oh, poor poor puppies.


They're happily back in Whelping-Box-Land.

Oh, but what hysterics -- sheer melodrama -- especially for two-and-a-half-week-olds!

'Til next time,

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Monica said...

Oh I can only imagine what a ruckus you must have caused! Poor babies! LOL.