Thursday, October 30, 2008

Puppies Plus! What Our Buyers Receive with Their New Pups

Warning: this is another boring informational post.

But, since some of the pups' new buyers are preparing for their new puppies already (shopping ahead of time, wise buyers that they are), I thought I'd post the list of what we supply with the pups so they won't unnecessarily duplicate what we provide. This list is also available at our Stoney Ridge Labs web site (on the puppies/future litters page), but I thought I'd post it here in case anyone else is interested.

And yes, we do this for all our buyers. Again, the more we can do to help with the pups' transitions and to equip the new puppy-owners for life with a Lab puppy, the better it is for all concerned, and the more likely it is that pups will have found they're forever homes. :o)

So here's the list of what our buyers receive with their pups (we call it "Puppies Plus" on the web site):
  • the pup's microchip registration papers and information (the pups will already have been microchipped for permanent ID)
  • the pup's AKC litter registration certificate
  • the pup's AKC registration papers (you will need to complete these and send these in to register the pup with the AKC in your name)
  • the dam's and sire's (Elsie's and Ridge's) pedigrees and health certs
  • the pup's health history/vet record to date
  • a six-pound bag of ProPlan for Large Breed Puppies puppy food (the food we start our puppies out on and the same brand we use for our adult dogs)
  • a small baggie filled with Missing Link (the granular supplement we've started them on, and that we give to all our dogs) and brochure about Missing Link, just fyi.
  • a ProPlan puppy starter kit
  • the AKC puppy folder kit
  • a real puppy collar (not rickrack, but matching your pup's rickrack color) the pup can wear and grow into for several weeks
  • a puppy slip-lead or leash for the trip home
  • a small square of bedding material with the dam's scent on it
  • a new soft toy for the trip home (something stuffed)
  • a new hard toy for the trip home (nylabone or kong)
  • one or two of the used puppy toys from the puppy pen (with their littermates scents on them)
  • canine nail clippers
  • a Heartguard puppy starter kit (for heartworm prevention)
  • a Frontline puppy starter kit (for flea and tick prevention)
  • a copy of the book How to Raise a Puppy You Can Live With by Clarice Rutherford and David Neil
  • a copy of the book Labrador Retrievers for Dummies by Joel Walton and Eve Adamson
  • an article from The Humane Society on crate training
  • an article from The Humane Society on the importance of puppy toys and how to select them
  • an article from The Humane Society on separation anxiety in puppies
  • the Labrador Retriever AKC Information Sheet
  • information about the AKC's Complimentary 60-Trial Healthcare Plan for Newly Registered Puppies
  • the AKC's Emergency Care Tips for Your Pet
  • a sales contract detailing our and the buyer's responsibilities as well as our guarantees
  • folders in which to keep all relevant papers
  • a canvas bag into which all of the above will be placed
This way, the only things the new buyers really have to buy to start is a crate (we recommend and use the MidWest 1 Lifestages Folding Double-Door crate, size XL), food and water bowls (we recommend no-tip stainless steel or ceramic), and a few more toys.

Everything else is optional. :o)

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Tom (Puppy Website) said...

Very cute pups..

rtpgirl said...

It may be boring and informational, but it's so nice to see what a REPUTABLE Breeder provides when sending puppies out into the world. I think I'll link this in an article next week as it really hits the message home. Well done.