Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Days 15-17: Socializing, Sleeping, and Seeing

Since the pups turned two weeks old last Friday, we've gradually increased our people-socializing with them (handling them more frequently during the day). Above, Mr. Green (top left corner and bottom right corner), Mr. Red (top right), and Mr. Black (bottom left) enjoy nuzzling with different humans (including my BFF, Kathy, bottom left corner above with Mr. Black).

BFF Kath and DTS (Dear Twin Sister) Jeanie will be coming over regularly to help people-socialize the pups. :o) We're still concerned about the pups' exposure to various viruses and such, but BFF and DTS are in and out of our house often enough that it's unlikely they'd be carrying anything new. Besides, we still make everyone take off their shoes at the door and wash their hands before getting near the pups. :o)

Other than socializing, the pupsters spend most of their time sleeping (about 80% still):

And when they're awake, they're starting to look around (we've noticed them actually trying to use their eyes):

Their favorite places are still with Momma Elsie (lessening in frequency) or on the puppy pile (nearly all the time):

And they're getting cuter every day. :o)

'Til next time,
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JuliaR said...

"Cute" doesn't begin to describe them!!

JuliaR said...

I forgot - a friend wanted to know how often you changed the rickrack around their necks. I said it gets chewed faster than they grown out of it! Just curious...

Thoughts said...

OME they are simply adorable!!! Thanks for the pics!

Meesh said...

What a terrible chore to have to play with those little furballs. My heart goes out to you all who are taking time away from cooking, cleaning etc. to do such a loathsome task!!! (teehee!) Chester's Mom

ps. If you need help-I'd be willing to make the "sacrifice" ;0-)

Rachel said...

Heartbreakers all of them. How is Mr. Black doing? I worry about him.

Mary said...

I'm pretty much in agreement with everyone else......must be really hard to hold and snuggle those puppies. Gosh, I don't know how you stand up under the strain. LOL You and your family do a wonderful job of loving those puppies and worrying about them and raising them to be wonderful additions to anyones family. You DESERVE all the cuddles and snuggles only a puppy can give.

Anonymous said...

If you can believe it I have never seen a lab puppy in real life! They have to be the cutest things I have ever seen. We have a black lab, Etta, but we got her when she was 11 months old.
Congrats on your new babies!