Thursday, October 23, 2008

Look -- New Toys!

The pups are becoming more and more aware of their surroundings every day. Their vision is improving enough where they notice us walking by the puppy pen now. They recognize and respond to our voices. And they can see objects in the puppy pen well enough to play with them.

At this stage in their development their curiosity and confidence are developing rapidly, so it's important to keep them engaged with, interested in, and challenged by new things.

So we continue to add new toys. Here are a few of yesterday's and today's additions!

Mr. Blue enjoys the puppy Kong (check out his feet!):

Mr. Green tries out the stuffing-free skunk (Skinneeze Plush Toys) and the grunting goose:

The Pull-My-Leg sheep appears to be a hit with all of the pups. Here Mr. White tries to escape with him on his own (Ha! Fat chance!):

The other pups won't let Mr. White get away with that!

Miss Pink enjoys pouncing on and wrassling with the new leggy sheep:

Mr. Yellow, Miss Sky, and Mr. Green like carrying him around together (such teamwork!):

Mr. Lime gets in on the act, too, ...

but he'd really rather snuggle with the sheep:

Mr. Black kinda likes the sheep, too...

but he REALLY likes the play cube even more!

The other pups are, of course, intrigued by the cube (that's Mr. Red chewing on the entrance above with Mr. Black in the background in the cube), but Mr. Black likes it on the inside the best (perhaps because he's smallest). :o)

Here Miss Sky makes an attempt to visit Mr. Black:

And here the whole gang gets involved!

Tennis balls still roll a little too fast for the pups to track with their eyes, but the bigger rolling objects (stuffed colorful balls, rope balls, etc.) seem to entertain them. Next week sometime we'll be able to start assessing the pups' retrieving instincts (only a preliminary assessment, of course) by rolling a ball a short distance away and seeing if each pup chases it. :o)

And so it goes. :o)

All is, thankfully, well. I just wish we could get them outside -- it's been too cold (only 30s and 40s F and very windy so far this week -- a bit chilly for less-than-five-week-olds). We'll try over the weekend or early next week if it warms up a bit.

'Til next time,

Joan (who is now neck deep in poo and pee piles -- a non-stop, all-the-waking-day chore with no let-up, especially because we can't get them outside! )

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