Sunday, October 26, 2008

Puppy Therapy

Lately I've been posting much about what we do for the pups to help them grow and develop and become all they can be. Today I thought I'd post about what they do for us.

Regular Reader knows how difficult the last year has been for us on the human front. In nearly all our circumstances, it's just been a really bad year. The three shining exceptions--the three things that have counterbalanced the yuk -- have been 1) DD's wedding and marriage to a wonderful young man in June; 2) Puppy Tuc coming from AZ to become part of our family in July, and 3) our youngest son's acceptance at Temple and transfer there. :o)

Despite those good things (and others for which I'm always thankful: a terrific husband, a happy marriage, great human kids, our health, a roof over our heads, DH's steady job, etc.), the bad has been so huge and so relentless this year that I found myself wearing out.

Truth be told, I probably needed this litter.

After so much disillusionment and heartache, especially over my BIL dumping my DTS (Dear Twin Sister) out of the blue after 24 years of marriage and 28 years together, we've all been walking around dazed, hurting, confused, and just plain sad. Former BIL had us all snowed. We were all completely blindsided. We're all still reeling (he's clueless about what his actions have done). No one, however, has been more devastated than DTS (and understandably so). It's killed me to see what this has been doing to her.

In fact, it's still hard. Last week would've been their 25th wedding anniversary, and this week marks a year to the day when he announced he no longer loved her and didn't think their marriage was worth working on.

Enter puppies. :o)

Yup, that's DTS giggling in the pictures. :o) And that's Mr. Green nuzzling and tasting her ear. :o)

The puppies make her smile. Every time. She regularly helps us "socialize" the little ones to human touch and interaction.

And the pups make her smile.

Oh... and did I tell you the pups make her smile?!!!

Lest I forget to mention it, the pups make her SMILE!!!!

DTS used to be quick to grin and giggle with me, but this divorce has robbed her of her joy, optimism, and her usual zest for life (as it does most people when the desire for divorce is not mutual). She used to be a woman whose heart was filled with child-like wonder and adventure. But in recent months she's felt broken, used up, scared, tired, unloved, anxious, and as she put it, like yesterday's trash tossed curbside.

It's been a long, long time since she's grinned or giggled. It's been a long, long time since she's relaxed and smiled. I mean really smiled.

Enter puppies again.

And there she goes: grinning and giggling again.

And there I go, grinning and giggling with her.

You see, puppies restore our optimism somehow. They make us feel loved and wanted and accepted and liked. They remind us that no matter how we feel, some things still are right and good and just in this world.

Their puppy-breath warms our hearts.
Their puppy-kisses remind us we are loved.
Their grunts of contentment assure us that we can be still in heart, even when life rages around us.
They teach us there is much left to treasure and so much left to enjoy even when things we hold dear are ripped from our hands.

I think more than anything, though (for me anyway), their exuberance, curiosity, and carefree abandon invite our souls to play.

And how we (no matter our age or season of life) need to play!

So, yes, we do do much for the pups during the short season they're with us. And yes, it's a ton of work (to do right).

Ahhh... but they give us so much more, and what they give we can carry with us for life.

'Til next time,

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kayceebeebee said...

Great post, Joan. Hugs to your DTS!