Saturday, October 18, 2008

Red Meets Kenya

We forget how little these guys really are until we see them in comparison to the big kids! :o)

Regular Reader knows that since Day 1 of these pups' short lives (just four weeks ago now!), Kenya, who is now about 27 months old, and Pinot, who is just over 15 months old, have demonstrated incredible interest in Elsie's litter. We thought it might be time to let them have a closer look.

So last night, while snuggling with Mr. Red (who in all likelihood will be going to live with a family who already has one Lab), Daddy Don took a minute to introduce him to Kenya (we did the same with Pinot separately).

Notice how attentive Kenya is as DH holds the pup:

She quite literally will not take her eyes off him.

After several minutes of just watching, Kenya had the chance to sniff Mr. Red when DH knelt down for introductions. Of course, Mr. Ridge had to take a sniff, too!

Mr. Red handled the stress quite well (brave little boy!):

But see how tiny he is!!!! I forget the pups will all be at least Kenya's size one day, especially when I'm just hanging with them in their play land. :o) It's only when I see them in comparison to our grown Labs that I realize just how tiny they really are.

For all their gains and all their development they still really are only four-weeks-old.

They're just little guys, even if they are looking a lot like real dogs these days!

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JuliaR said...

That's exactly what my DH has been saying when I show him the pix - "they look like real dogs now!" But they are still only a few pounds, I suspect, maybe 5. When we got our Uma at 6 weeks (which was too early, I know, but that's another story) she weighed 10 pounds. Quite the bruiser!