Monday, October 20, 2008

What a Difference a Few Days Make! (PUPPY VIDEOS!)

It's only been a couple of days since my last video (my camera was eating rechargeable batteries, so I had to wait until I went out to get more AAs to take video again).

But, WOW, what a difference in the pups' development since then! They're really playing and pouncing and batting and interacting now (their vision is improving, and they can track slow movement). They're also wagging their tails (as in really wagging them appropriately to display emotion). And they're far more coordinated than even just a day or two ago.

Here are a few clips, just so you'll see the difference (still shots just don't capture their movement as well):

This one starts with Mr. Yellow playing with the stuffed pyramid, then when he gets distracted and pounces on another pup (I think it's Miss Pink), the camera shifts to Mr. Black chewing on Mr. Green's ear (and yes, it does hurt if they bite hard enough).

Also remember as you watch these, that when they're "fighting" or pinning each other by the neck, they're really play-fighting (no one gets hurt). It's their way of figuring out who's who in the pecking order.

So here's Mr. Yellow, and the rest...oh, and they are just getting ready to settle in to sleep. This is their pre-nap play!

Here's Mr. Blue, Mr. Lime, and Miss Sky in action:

Here's Mr. Black enjoying a quiet, undisturbed moment with the octopus (it doesn't last long):

And here's Miss Sky... who plays, pees, and plops down for a nap -- pretty typical of these guys these days (they don't last long):

See how far they've come!!!

This week, when it warms up bit, we'll get them outside. They'll really romp then. :o)

'Til next time,

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