Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rainy (Snowy?) Days and Tuesdays... Cabin Fever!

Guess what we woke to this morning?

Yup... snow. In mid-October. In Pennsylvania. Just north of Philadelphia.

For World Series Fans (whether rooting for Tampa Bay or the Phillies) that means we won't see the finish of last night's game today, for sure. It's supposed to be miserable all day.

For us and the pupsters and the big-doggie crew, that means another day indoors (oh help!). Now, if it were real snow (like we used to have when we lived in Rochester, NY) at least the big dogs could get out and romp. But this? This is wet yuk that turns to wet mud. And it's damp and bone-chilling and a big sloppy mess. So we'll hang indoors.

The big girls will undoubtedly snuggle by the fire like they did last year (this is last winter's picture of Kenya, Pinot, and Elsie; we do have the fire going now, but I haven't gotten a fireside picture of them yet this year):

And Master Tuc will snuggle with us as he did while we watched Game 5 of the WS last night (Yup, this is the Tucmeister last night with DH! Can you believe how grown up he is at only five months old!):

Old Man Ridge (well, older than the rest at 7.5 years old) will hide under the rocker or chew on his ropes or try to be a lap dog:

Yup, that's our ferocious big-baby sprawled on DH's chest (Ridge is the sire of Elsie's current litter).

And the pups?

Well... to capture what they'll be up to all day indoors again requires a post all its own...

'Til then,


JuliaR said...

Yeah, we're supposed to get snow tonight. I'd better get out now on the bike before it's too late! But it'll be melted by Friday and then the pups can go out.

Christine said...

OMG!! Tuc is getting so huge! Wow!

How much is the lil' (not so lil') guy weighing these days?