Thursday, August 30, 2007


The pups are looking less like newborns and more like puppies. :o)

Elsie's belly, apart from her teats, is returning to her pre-pregnancy trimness.

During the day, once she nurses the pups and they're settled and content, Elsie is regularly sleeping outside the whelping box. She's still close by and very attentive.

At night, she sleeps in the box with them.


Dear Hubby took the night shift keeping an eye on Elsie and the pups.

Oh what a difference a little sound sleep can make!

'Til next time,


kate Flynn said...

so glad you've managed to catch up on some zzzz's it makes a world of difference when you're not so tired. It's nice that Elsie is feeling confident enough to sleep away from the babies, at least that way she gets some "me time" but is still near by to react if she needs to- clever girl.

JuliaR said...

I am also glad you are catching up on sleep for yourself. A good solid 8 hours seems still in the offing but naps can work wonders for making up the much-needed REM sleep. I'm a big fan of naps. :)

Jonathan said...

They look adorable! If we had a larger house/yard, we'd breed our black lab Beo.

We're in the Philly area too. Can offer photo help when they all get a little better if you want pro photos of the pups.

Labs of Philly unite!!!