Saturday, August 25, 2007

Puppy Pics - While I Have a Minute

Elsie still has two pups to go, and it's been an hour since she delivered the last one. But she's been resting comfortably all this time (her contractions are taking a break, I think). But she's getting restless again, so I need to be quick.

Here are a few pictures (the correct video of an actual birth is uploading now - but it's taking a while).

Enjoy these in the meantime.


teresamc said...

Your grand-puppies are simply adorable. Congratulations to all.
Can't wait to see Elsie' whole new family.

kate Flynn said...

Isn't nature the most wonderful thing it amazes me just how they know what to do, when my guinea pigs had pups their young mother's just got on with the job. I love how Elsie is checking up on her babies in the box. :o)